Traditional Method: Assembly and Use

Traditional Method:

The Traditional Method is used for Essential Oil distillation, or in the case of alcohol distillation this method is termed as Pot Distillation. This is the method most commonly used for distillation of Essential Oils.

In the Traditional Method you run cooling water only to your condenser, and control of the temperature at the top of your column is much less of a concern than in the reflux mode. There is no cooling water run to your column, thus you carry more water and other constituents into your collection container.

You will not use any column filling material in the Traditional Method.


To assemble your unit for use in the Traditional Mode, attach the 8′ tube with the female hose fitting onto inlet ‘E’. Place the other 8′ piece of tubing onto outlet ‘F’. The 4′ tube will connect to the bottom of the condenser ā€˜Gā€™, and run into your collection container. Moisten the thermometer, slide it into the hole of the rubber stopper and place the stopper securely in the top of the column. Position the thermometer bulb just above the condenser tube. Note that the Essential still Pot Still Head does not include cooling lines
through the column. When using the still Pro Series II unit in Traditional Mode, attach the top portion of the column directly to the kettle,
however, do not attach hoses to the two stainless steel cooling tubes in the top portion of the column.


Add the material that you wish to distill to the kettle and attach the distillation column. If using the still Pro Series II, disconnect the column extension, and attach the top portion of your column directly to the kettle. Place the unit on your heat source. Unlike operating in Reflux Mode, it is preferred although not necessary to have a non-cycling heat source when
distilling in the Traditional Mode.

When the liquid in the kettle comes to a boil, you will notice that heat quickly rises up the column. At this time it is necessary to start the flow of cool water to your condenser. The condenser will turn the vapor at the top of your column back into liquid by causing it to cool. You will begin to see liquid dripping from your hose into your collection container.

With the Traditional Distillation method, you will remove a greater percentage of the original volume in the kettle, so once you notice a decrease in the quality of your distillate, or when you have collected 80% of the original liquid volume in the kettle, remove the unit from the heat source and allow the unit to cool. Once the unit has cooled, you may remove the column, discard the
contents remaining in the kettle, and clean the equipment (see Section 7 later in this manual).